to the Best Birding Destinations in Malaysia

This site provides visitors valuable and precise information about locating the best spots to view her rich avian diversity. Here you will find the best birding spots, information on how to get there, where to stay and even how contact a birding guide to optimize your experience!

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Introducing the Birds of Malaysia

Top Birding Routes

Key Features of This Site

Birding Spots

Here you will find the most comprehensive collection of bird watching sites found in Malaysia. These include diverse and varied habitats ranging from mangrove to lowlands and to sub alpine regions. Tools such as maps and links to social media of bird guides are provided to ensure that you will get rich and useful information before embarking on your avian adventure.

Useful articles & advice

This is a one stop site for birders to plan their site seeing in Malaysia. Need to know how to get to your birding location? Check! Looking for accommodation at your favourite birding site? Check! Need a local bird guide? Check!